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Latest Features

Free Daily Reputation Report

For advertisers and marketers alike. Keep tabs on what your competitors are sending and also keep tabs on what your mailings look like from the outside-in. Receive free daily reports on messages received along with their statistics. Plus, monitor your own lists for signs of poaching by ESPs with poor security practices.

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Analyze/Clean Your Mailing Lists

The fastest way to a bad reputation is with a dirty mailing list. Have us scan your list for signs of problems at a very low and affordable cost. Clean up your act and spot dead addresses, known trouble makers, bogus subscribers, dead domains, and more. A cleaner list often brings higher response rates.

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Free Blacklist Analysis

We found that almost every email marketer is blacklisted somewhere, and some marketers are totally blocked and have been for years. Many blocks could be cleared in seconds but their email vendor is too lazy to fix them. Use this easy tool to find out if you are blacklisted and then fix the problems using our informative guide.

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If your DNS is misconfigured, especially with marketing-related DNS records, you will find a world of hurt with response rates. Find out if you are in-the-clear with proper DNS settings and receive alerts if we spot changes or records that go out of proper format. Many companies have broken SPF records and don't even know it.

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