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About Us

Email Toolbox™ is a product of Global IntelliSystems, one of the oldest, strongest, and most successful email marketing services in the industry. Over the years we discovered that over 80% of marketers have no idea they are blacklisted, their IP space has a bad reputation, or their email looks like spam when it is received. Most marketers and their executives do not realize they could be losing 20% or more in response rates and revenues from campaigns simply because of these problems. Some blacklists can crush the success rate of a campaign and many ISP's will "D.O.A" (delete on arrival) messages from IP addresses that are flagged as bad senders. No bounce, no sign of a problem, just deleted. Is that happening to you? If you are a big retailer the lost revenues due to a blacklist could be measured in millions.

Yes, Most Services Here Are Totally Free

Not only are we masters of email marketing but we are masters of automation and automated systems. That means the cost for operating Email Toolbox™ is very, very low. So we decided to give most of our reporting and detection tools/services away at no charge because it (a) helps you be more successful with your marketing (we love seeing success), and (b) invites you to use other non-free services that we offer (they go hand-in-hand.) Over the upcoming months we will be releasing some very powerful and useful tools that will help anyone with a mailing list, domain name, or even a website to better utilize the power of email. There is no evil long term plan of eventually charging for all the services on Email Toolbox™. What is free now will remain free. That's just the way we roll.

We Will Never Sell or Release Your Information

The information you enter to create your account will never be given out to anyone, ever. Period. Nor will any of the information you submit to us for processing be given out to anyone. We don't need to sell your information to make money (unlike most services these days) so your information is private and will remain so.

We Help You Spot Real Problems In Real Time

Mailing list theft is a huge problem that nobody is talking about. The number of email marketing services running their business from "the cloud" is growing daily. Everyone is jumping into the cloud because it is (a) incredibly cheap to operate, (b) hardware maintenance and security is handled by "someone else" (for any educated IT professional, the thought of THAT is terrifying), and (c) one can leverage the power of a thousand servers for just pennies on the dollar. But there is a downside to all this cheap stuff. What these email companies do not realize is they have zero control over the security of those servers and they never really know where their data is at any given second. The scary part is those cloud-based servers are routinely hacked by brilliant minds and mailing lists are stolen and sold to spammers and other not-so-honest people. We see this all the time. The end result is those addresses are now in the public domain receiving countless messages from spammers. Ever wonder how all those spammers got your email address? They bought them from someone who poached them from a list. Ask yourself this question....does my mailing list have any value to my company? Yes it does, and if it took you years to build and refine your list then you definitely need to use Email Toolbox™ to alert you if your list is poached out of the cloud.

A good analogy to operating in the cloud is this: If you needed heart surgery and did not know anything about the surgeon performing the delicate task, would you just trust the statement "I am pretty good at this so trust me, I know what I'm doing" ? Think carefully about that. The same holds true when working in the cloud. You have to trust that the IT professional knows what they are doing when they configured the host the mailing list is on. In the IT world you get a lot of true novices who call themselves pro's because nobody knows how to examine their experience. We have seen our share of amazingly dim-witted people in this industry so if you are in the cloud, please be careful.

Encryption is Used Throughout This System

We know every address on your mailing lists and your reputation is priceless. That's why Email Toolbox™ makes use of the most advanced encryption technologies and uses data files that lifespans of seconds to guarantee your information remains yours, and remains private. We do not share, sell, rent, lease, or give out any of the information stored in your account, ever. That's just not the way we do things. Clients on Global IntelliSystems enjoy the peace of mind knowing their data is 100% safe and secure and Email Toolbox is no different. Your data is yours, and it will remain that way while on our service. If you ever have a question about privacy, data protection, encryption standards, or how we handle your data, please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss all of this with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes You The Authority? Easy, our staff has been hands-on with email technologies going all the way back to 1986. Yes, 1986. Our team spend their lives knee-deep in email standards, protocols, and the entire spectrum of email technologies. While many companies like to quote things they read from other sources, we are usually the source they quote from. We focus on the small stuff that impacts mailings and reputations in a big way. It's not easy what we do because the small stuff can quickly take one down the rabbit hole into a world of billions of bits and bytes that could make any sane person goofy. But we do this because we know the causes of a bad reputation, bad deliverability, and a poorly performing campaign. We like sharing that knowledge with you.

Why Are Most of These Services Free? Because the free services make use of automation and automated services cost us virtually nothing to operate and maintain. There is no reason to soak you with a bill for something that costs us essentially nothing. Yes, there is some hardware upkeep and labor involved in maintaining a website but those costs are small compared with the big picture. Our non-free services generate a sizable revenue for us so everything pays for itself. We're not like the dot-com companies that yearn to lose millions of dollars only to get acquired for billions. We run a tight ship here that can keep itself running profitably, forever.

Why Are You So Against Cloud Computing? We are not against it at all. There are many places where cloud computing has infinite benefits. However we are fully against running highly sensitive operations in the cloud. Assuming "someone else" is handling the security on a server is simply ignorant and it almost always has a bad story tied to it. Every day we hear of someone having their lists stolen, card processing systems hacked, and priceless customer data stolen, all from a cloud-based system. More people need to stop and think about what they are doing in the cloud and then move their security-related or sensitive customer information onto in-house equipment. We use the "stop being so cheap and think about customer data safety" phrase a lot with people who have 100% of their operations in the cloud.

Why Email? Social Media sites are The Holy Grail of Marketing You might think that with all the hype and buzz with social media but we found something much different. We spent a few weeks wandering the streets asking random people what technology they felt gets the majority of their time (email or social media) and what they used each for. The answer was very clear with social media sites being used to stay in touch with friends, share stories, post pictures, and generally use it as a gathering and sharing place absorbing a lot of time. But their use of email was also clear. They stated they used it to receive the latest specials from the companies they shop with, learn about specific topics they are interested in, and communicate with friends more privately then on social media sites.

That was interesting to us especially since so many people mentioned the privacy concern. We then asked their age and found that social media sites are used heavily by people under 30 for social communications, not to receive/read marketing material or sales ads. They talk with friends, post pictures of their fun times outdoors, and generally keep in touch with their friends. We asked why they don't use their social media sites for reading about special offers and deals and the common answer was "I just have too many things going on with Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and I get overwhelmed and don't have time to find or dig for or read everything." They use email to receive information on specials, news, and things that are important to them. This wasn't just from people under 30, this was for everyone we asked. Yes, there were some hard core social media warriors that used it for everything, but that was only a small group compared to everyone we spoke with. A good analogy we came up with for email and social media was having two vehicles where one is used to go out and have a good time and visit with friends and the other is a take-to-work car where it has a more serious use. Sure, you can use both cars to do both things but there is always a favorite for each purpose. Kind of like email and social media sites.

For those of you who are shaking your head saying "Email is dead, social media is the only way" you really need to understand the human mind and how the attention span plays a part in all of this. If you are busy at work you don't have time to read all the instant chat messages about special offers or dig for the latest specials from websites you shop with. When you get home would you prefer scanning your inbox for 30 seconds to find special offers from companies you know, or would you prefer spending 30 minutes reading through all the posts on your social media sites and often get sidetracked reading the latest post from a friend? It is all about time and how much of it you have to "find" information or would you prefer to have information delivered to you?

What is Next For Email Toolbox? Features and state-of-the-industry reports! We will be rolling out new features quarterly basis to give marketers everything they need to maximize their performance. Many of the features will be free, some will come at a small cost, but all will deliver powerful results to every marketer on the planet that chooses to "do it right" with Email Toolbox. The reports will be for industry analysts or anyone that is interested in seeing what certain industries are up to with email marketing (Retail, Wholesale, Finance, etc.)

We will also be introducing tools for the general public to use. Tools such as an unsubscribe-assist service to help people fed-up with asking real marketers (retailers, etc.) to stop mailing them. Other public tools will be focusing on home network vulnerabilities. These tools will be introduced over time as we complete their testing and proofing.

Questions or Comments?

We love hearing from our customers as well as from people who want to work with us to help keep people safe. If you have a service that you want us to offer our customers - please let us know. We are always expanding our services and if you have something we can refer people to - let us know! Please contact us at