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Domain Monitor (SPF, DKIM/DomainKey, DMARC, etc.)

Many companies do not keep an eye on their DNS records and when the SPF or DomainKey/DKIM record breaks or goes missing, bad things happen. Mailings can quickly go from top revenue producers to bottom feeders living with the common daily spam. Our job is to alert you when and if that happens.

Our monitoring engine will routinely check and analyze your SPF, DomainKey/DKIM, and DMARC records daily and will report to you if any of them change or go missing. We also monitor your DNS for other signs of trouble and will alert you the instant we spot a problem.

Did you know.... there some companies that have been sending their daily marketing messages with a broken SPF record for years? Nobody tells them, they just keep sending their marketing messages directly into the spam folder year after year and they think that's the best they can do. If they were using EmailToolbox they would know of the problem, instantly.