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Comprehensive Mailing List Analysis

This tool will analyze your mailing list(s) for problems such as dead domains, misspelled domains, known spam traps, chronic complainers, recently transitioned domains (good-to-bad), and more. This service is FREE for active users on Global IntelliSystems and for non-clients there is a small analysis fee to process your lists.

Why is this important?

Most mailing lists have some problems. It may be a few hundred bouncing addresses or an entire group of addresses tied to a domain which is now dead. Or, the list may not have been run in confirmed opt-in mode for years which means there are thousands of bogus addresses with typos and old data which only clog up the bounce processors. Those problems can cause ISP's and/or antispam systems to judge your mailings as spam or malicious and then route all your mail to junk/spam or "DOA" the mail (delete upon arrival) which is as bad as it gets. For example, if you have a lot of dead domains on your list the ISP may consider your list "unmanaged" and will route all your mail to the spam folder. It's the little things that can make big differences in the performance of your mailings. The analysis feature of Email Toolbox was designed to help you find as many list problems as possible and show you the problems so you can take action.

What we will do with your list...

First, we AES encrypt the file as it is uploaded so it's stored safely for processing. Once uploaded, the list is then scanned for dead domains, domains with no mail exchanger (no mail gateway to send to), domains that are known as trouble (spam traps, chronic complainers, honeypots, mobi's, rabbit holes, and more), misspelled domains, improperly formatted addresses (j.a.k.e.@somewhere), and then we see if the address is in our historical archives of millions of bounced addresses. We make a note on the file of the problem found and then send it back to you in a TAB delimited format for easy reading. You can then either delete the addresses we flagged as bad, or take whatever action you choose to proceed.

What we will not do....

There are some analysis services on the market that will perform a "receipt check" with every address on your list. That is very, very BAD and we will not do that. A receipt check is where the analysis service will open a connection with the ISP or online service and will pretend to send a message to every address on your list. They don't actually send a message but they open a connection, introduce a message to every recipient on the list, then close the connection without sending the message. That is very, very bad and the ISP will almost always reject those connections which means the analysis service will never really know if the address is good or bad. With that in mind, we can not verify that every address on your list is valid as that is something your bounce processing system should be handling. We will verify that every domain on your list is valid or not and we will check for a variety of other important issues that can be causing problems for your mailings. We also check the address against our global database of bounces which may turn up known dead addresses you never even knew had a problem.

What You Need to Do...

Find out from your IT group or your email marketing team how bounces are being handled. Are hard bounce addresses (user unknown, host unknown) being removed from your list? Are you absolutely sure? We found many marketers are not removing hard bounces from their list and that drives ISP's and online services crazy to the point they block the sender. Please make sure your hard bounces are being removed promptly after each mailing. Note: many anti-spam systems will make a spam-score-rejected message look like a hard bounce. Please be sure the people or tool you use to remove those hard bounces can tell the difference between a real hard bounce and a spam-rejected bounce. They look very similar and you never want to remove a spam-rejected bounce because it's a GOOD address.

How long does it take to analyze a list?

On average a 100,000 piece address list can be completed in about 30 minutes. Larger lists take a little longer simply because the different number of domains, mail exchangers, reverse testing, etc that takes place. But figure 30 minutes for 100,000 addresses.


Always FREE for Active clients of Global IntelliSystems.

Non-Clients: $20.00 for the first 10,000 addresses analyzed and $10.00 for each additional 10,000.

Example #1: A mailing list that contains 17,245 addresses would cost $30 to analyze.
($20 for the first 10,000 and $10 for the next 7,245.)

Example #2: A mailing list that contains 185,000 addresses would cost $195 to analyze.
($20 for the first 10,000 and $175 for the remaining 175,000)

Example #3: A mailing list that contains 1,300,000 addresses would cost $1310 to analyze.
($20 for the first 10,000 and $1290 for the remaining 1,290,000)

Payment for analysis is required after the analysis is complete. List may be picked-up after payment is made. Sorry no refunds or credits made once analysis begins.

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