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Privacy Statement

All of your information will remain private. Period, end of story. Unless we receive a real and verified warrant from a State or Federal Law Enforcement agency, your information will remain private with us. We will never sell, rent, distribute, share, or hand your information over to anyone without your written permission. Period. We don't play silly games with your information like most social media sites do where they assume your information is their information. Your information is private here.

What We Will Do With Your Information

EmailToolbox will be a gold mine of data pertaining to how certain industries are blacklisted, how certain industries routinely get blocked or deferred, and that information is valuable to the industry in general. We will, at a later time, produce reports for email marketers to use to better understand their industry so they can prevent blacklisting, blocks, or deferrals before they start. At no time will your private information ever be shared in those reports. We will produce reports that show generic company statistics (no names, no hint to who that company is) in specific industries for reporting purposes. For example, if you are in the home improvement industry, we will not display your name. We will simply say "companies in the Home Improvement industry are experiencing a blacklist rate of N and a delay/deferral rate of N" so your information will never be known by anyone.

What We Will Not Do With Your Private Information

We will not share your private information with anyone, ever, for any reason, period. Unless a law enforcement agent shows up at our door with a bonafide warrant for your information, it will remain locked away here in a totally secure manner.

Questions or Comments?

We love hearing from our customers as well as from people who want to work with us to help keep people safe. If you have a service that you want us to offer our customers - please let us know. We are always expanding our services and if you have something we can refer people to - let us know! Please contact us at