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Reputation Monitoring System

This is a FREE service to help you monitor the performance of your mailings.

Did you know that over 80% of email marketers have no idea what their spam score is? The same percentage of marketers also do not know their blacklist status. This free service is designed to tell marketers that information and a whole lot more. We monitor, record, and report back to you on the status of messages arriving in your account. You can monitor as many different mailings as you wish and there is never a fee for this monitoring. We report back to you on items such as the blacklist status, spam score, arrival date/time, proper message format, and more. This service can also be used to monitor theft of your mailing list because our addresses are unique and assigned only to you. So if we receive a message from another company - we alert you to that fact immediately.

Why is this important?

When a blacklist or reputation problem arises with your mailings, you need to know about it so you can fix it. A blacklist can destroy the response rate of a mailing very quickly and many marketers send their messages for months with a blacklist reference that could have been resolved in seconds but they don't know how to fix it. Being aware of your reputation status and quickly fixing problems that arise can boost your response rate and that means higher revenues from each mailing. Talk to your CEO about that fact, you will quickly understand the importance.

A Real World Example

We had a client come to us with a very simple problem: declining revenues from their weekly mailings. They first used our mailing list analysis tool and found 14% of their list was bad so they removed those addresses. Then they set-up a reputation monitoring address and added it to their list. The very next mailing they sent was an eye opener. They were on six blacklists! So they followed our instructions on how to contact the blacklist owner and request the removal of the entry so they could get back to a baseline for proper campaign performance analysis. Most of the blacklist owners were willing to clear their entry. A couple of those needed our assistance (we offer a pay-for service to fix blocks) and within a few days they were clear from all blacklists. Within 30 days their revenues climbed back to levels not seen in over a year. That was a very, very happy customer. While we cannot guarantee we can fix your campaign performance problems (if any), we will do our best to show you what we see so you can take action wherever necessary.

How it Works

This service uses "monitors" which are unique email addresses assigned to your account. You simply add that unique email address to the mailing list you want to monitor. You can set-up as many monitors as you wish. You can monitor your mailings or mailings of other companies. Every message received in your account will then be analyzed and recorded. Every morning at 6am Eastern US time you will receive a report showing the data recorded for every message received the past 7 days. Over time we will be adding extra features to the daily report which will include fields showing changes in your SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and DNS which could impact your overall response rates.

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